ASABE (American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers) Annual International Meeting: 16–19 July 2017, Spokane (WA, USA)

Performance Improvement of a Vineyard Robot through its Mechanical Design, by Veronica Saiz-Rubio (UPV), Francisco Rovira-Más (UPV), and Christophe Millot (WALL) – DOI: 10.13031/aim.201701120

ECPA (European Conference on Precision Agriculture): 16-20 July 2017, Edinburgh (UK)

On-the-go thermal imaging for water status assessment in commercial vineyards, by S. Gutiérrez (UDLR), M. P. Diago, J. Fernández-Novales (UDLR), and J. Tardaguila (UDLR) – DOI:10.1017/S204047001700108X

GiESCO: 5–10 November 2017, Mendoza (Argentina)

Vineyard water status assessment by non-destructive, proximal, NIR spectroscopy, by Juan Fernández-Novales (UDLR), Salvador Gutiérrez (UDLR), and Maria Paz Diago  (UDLR)