Del. Deliverable name WP no Lead Part. Diss.
Delivery date
D1.1 Deployment of prototypes. 1 WALL PU M10,22,34
D2.1 Construction and assembly of the electronic systems. 2 SUN PU M10,22,34
D2.2 Schematic diagram of the electronic system designed and assembled in the VineScout. 2 SUN CO M34
D3.1 Mapping algorithms for basic maps 3 UDLR CO M24
D3.2 Algorithms embedded in advanced operative maps. 3 UDLR CO M36
D4.1 Software generated in format of closed libraries. 4 UPV PU M36
D4.2 Operator manual. 4 UPV PU M36
D5.1 Report on decision support value of robot-generated maps. 5 UDLR CO M27
D5.2 Testimony of Agronomy Days. 5 SYM PU M12, 24
D5.3 Report on the oenological potential of the VineScout to make a distinctive wine. 5 SYM CO M36
D6.1 Report on cost-efficiency study. 6 SUN CO M15, 30
D6.2 Business model and exploitation plan. 6 UPV CO M12,24,36
D6.3 Report on innovation management. 6 SUN CO M36
D7.1 Project website. 7 UPV PU 15 March 2017
D7.2 Release of professional videos. 7 UDLR PU M22, 34
D7.3 Report on dissemination activities. 7 UDLR PU M36
D8.1 Evaluation of the Advisory Board. 8 UPV PU M36
D8.2 Official progress report (technical and financial). 8 UPV PU M9,18,27, 36