VineScout Third Agronomy Day

Quinta do Bomfim, Pinhao (Portugal), 16 October 2019

VineScout third Agronomy Day took place in Quinta do Bomfim, located in the scenic town of Pinhao, where SYM owns commercial vineyards and a charming winery. In this picturesque landscape of the Douro valley, more than 60 participants enjoyed of a field day with a robot demonstration and several talks given by the project partners explaining the results achieved over the year 2019. The event ended with the traditional questionnaire that gathers the feedback given by growers and other stakeholders interested in the project. Among the highlights of this edition 2019 is worth mentioning the support of the Advisory Board members, Marc Vanacht and Thomas Engel, the European Commission Project Officer, Liliana Borda-Marquillo, and SYM executive officers, Charles and Johnny Symington. The image shows the attendees following the operation of the robot.