VineScout Prototype 3 ready for field testing

UPV, Valencia (Spain), 13 July 2020

The VineScout team has been pushing forward to build the third robot prototype VS-3, in spite of the severe difficulties faced up during April, May, and June 2020 due to the restrictions enforced by the epidemic COVID-19. Without access to the lab until June, the team followed the reception of components from home and software was written by UDLR and UPV teams locally, while the robot fiberglass body was being crafted and assembled in a manufacturer’s workshop near Valencia (Spain). After June, sensors, mechanical parts, and software are being integrated in a race against the clock to meet our compromise for field testing in Portugal this summer. SYM team has been preparing the vineyards of Quinta de Ataíde over the epidemic too. Gathering field data for the last season of the project is critical for its successful closing.

Keep tuned for the upcoming field results!