Presenting VineScout in Priorat D.O. region

Tarragona (Spain), 24 May 2019

VineScout coordinator presented the project in a forum organized by the viticultural platform Vitivin. The presentation was centered in the value of data given by high resolution maps.






Speech & demo in Aranda de Duero (Spain)

Aranda de Duero (Spain), 10 April 2019

VineScout was presented in a field day organized by the magazine Tierras in Aranda de Duero (Burgos, Spain). Over 120 producers participated in this encounter. The project was explained in a presentation and, later, showed to all attendees.




FIRA 2018

Labège (France), 11 – 12 December 2018

The second VineScout prototype VS-2 was presented to the robotics community in the third edition of the international tradeshow FIRA 2018 (Forum International de la Robotique Agricole). VineScout had its own booth in the main exhibition area where the robot occupied the center of the stand and the promotional video was displayed to attendees. The event centered on farm robots and related autonomous equipment. The coordinator of the project, Francisco Rovira Más, gave a short talk presenting the project, the last robot prototype, and the results of the most recent testing season.




Quinta do Ataíde, 27-30 August 2018

The Second Steering Week took place at the end of August in Symington’s Quinta do Ataíde (Portugal). On 29 August 2018, VineScout partners held the second AGRONOMY DAY, where over 40 invitees from different backgrounds enjoyed a beautiful day in the field interacting with the second version of the VineScout robot (VS-2), learning its new features and networking with the project partners and the Advisory Board. After lunch, technical sessions focused on crop sensing and data acquisition, wrapping up this successful day with a fruitful round-table discussion and the official survey to participants. For more details on the second Agronomy Day (2018), visit the special section from the home page.


Mid-project Meeting with the Advisory Board

Valencia (Spain), 23-25 May 2018

The Mid-project meeting of the VineScout project took place in Valencia, Spain, the third week of May (M18). Project partners could check the current status of the second prototype VS-2 and plan ahead the exciting testing season 2018, where many upgrades implemented in the robot will be tested in real environments from June to the end of August, when the Second Steering Week will be held. The highlight of the Mid-project meeting was the session with the Advisory Board. Professor Lorenzo Marconi from Italy, Mr. Marc Vanacht from the USA, and Dr. Thomas Engel from Germany traveled to Valencia to join the consortium for the meeting, and Dr. Peter Rajendra from Japan attended the entire session remotely through videoconference. The Advisory Board addressed the main concerns raised by the partners and provided excellent guidance for the upcoming challenging months.


Antalya (Turkey), 23-25 April 2018

The CIGR is the International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. Its XIX World Congress was held from 22 to 25 April in Antalya, Turkey. On-going progress carried out under VineScout was presented in this international event, which approximately included 250 abstracts. The VineScout consortium was represented by UDLR and UPV.




Global Robot Expo 2018

Madrid, 18-20 April 2018

The Global Robot Expo is an international trade show where companies, research institutions, and professional associations show their last advances in robotics. This edition was the 3rd one, and took place from 18 to 20 April in Madrid, Spain. The VineScout project was shown under the Polytechnic University of Valenccia (UPV) stand. There were 85 stands in the show, being almost 90 % from private companies.