Integration Week

Valencia, 5-8 February 2018

WALL brought the second prototype to Valencia for the integration of technology. UPV, SUN, and UDLR joined WALL to determine the upcoming stages that will set the VineScout-II ready for the summer testing.






First VineScout Steering Week

Quinta do Ataíde, 28-31 August, 2017

The First Steering Week took place at the end of August in Symington’s Quinta do Ataíde (Portugal). On 30 August, 2017, VineScout partners held the first AGRONOMY DAY, where invitees from different backgrounds enjoyed a beautiful field day interacting with the robot, learning its basic features and asking all they wanted to know about the project and the robot. After the open-air lunch, technical sessions focused on data acquisition and interpretation took place, wrapping up this successful day with a round-table discussion and the official survey to participants.

For more details on the first Agronomy Day, visit the special section from the home page.

Field Testing in Portugal

Quinta do Ataíde, 12-24 June, 2017

UPV, SUN, and SYM teams joined in the vineyards of Quinta do Ataíde (SYM) to test the navigation algorithms of the robot, draft the new electronic system, and challenge robot components at temperatures around 40 º C.






VineScout Kick-off meeting

Valencia, 19-21 December, 2016

The consortium got together at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain to launch the project.