VineScout Third Agronomy Day

Quinta do Bomfim, Pinhao (Portugal), 16 October 2019

VineScout third Agronomy Day took place in Quinta do Bomfim, located in the scenic town of Pinhao, where SYM owns commercial vineyards and a charming winery. In this picturesque landscape of the Douro valley, more than 60 participants enjoyed of a field day with a robot demonstration and several talks given by the project partners explaining the results achieved over the year 2019. The event ended with the traditional questionnaire that gathers the feedback given by growers and other stakeholders interested in the project. Among the highlights of this edition 2019 is worth mentioning the support of the Advisory Board members, Marc Vanacht and Thomas Engel, the European Commission Project Officer, Liliana Borda-Marquillo, and SYM executive officers, Charles and Johnny Symington. The image shows the attendees following the operation of the robot.



VineScout presented in ECPA2019

Montpellier (France), 8-11 July 2019

The 12th European Conference of Precision Agriculture (ECPA2019) took place in Montpellier from 8th to 11th July 2019.

VineScout members presented the results of the 2018 season, regarding the mechanical improvements of the autonomous platform as well as the last NDVI and Temperature maps taken with the crop sensors.







Demo in D.O. Rías Baixas

Pontevedra (Spain), 1 July 2019

VineScout was presented and demonstrated to wine producers from D.O. RIAS BAIXAS in the north of Spain. The event on New Technologies for the Agrifood Sector was organized by the research center CETAL, and took place in the experimental vineyard owned and run by the winery Martín Códax, a recognized leader in the production of Albariño wine. After the demo, a questionnaire was delivered among participants who were enjoying the wine testing that closed the event.




VineScout in Smart Agrifood Summit

Málaga (Spain), 20 – 21 June 2019

VineScout was presented at the Smart Agrifood Summit on 20 and 21 June in Málaga, Spain. This event attracted all kind of stakeholders from the agricultural sector, including such key players as John Deere, Bayer, IBM, Bosch, or Deloitte, in addition to representatives from the Spanish Government and the European Commission. A number of investors stopped by the project booth, and requested an update on the project progress and the second prototype. UPV attended the trade show in Málaga.




VineScout in Feira Nacional de Agricultura 2019

Santarém (Portugal), 13 – 14 June 2019

On 13 and 14 June, VineScout was present at the Feira Nacional de Agricultura 2019 in Santarém, which is an important national trade show in Portugal. VineScout robot was shown in the main entrance of the fair, where the four Portuguese different vineyard ecosystems were reproduced with actual vines planted on a grass and sand soil. SYM and UPV explained the features of the VineScout project to the attendees.





Presenting VineScout in Priorat D.O. region

Tarragona (Spain), 24 May 2019

VineScout coordinator presented the project in a forum organized by the viticultural platform Vitivin. The presentation was centered in the value of data given by high resolution maps.






Speech & demo in Aranda de Duero (Spain)

Aranda de Duero (Spain), 10 April 2019

VineScout was presented in a field day organized by the magazine Tierras in Aranda de Duero (Burgos, Spain). Over 120 producers participated in this encounter. The project was explained in a presentation and, later, showed to all attendees.




FIRA 2018

Labège (France), 11 – 12 December 2018

The second VineScout prototype VS-2 was presented to the robotics community in the third edition of the international tradeshow FIRA 2018 (Forum International de la Robotique Agricole). VineScout had its own booth in the main exhibition area where the robot occupied the center of the stand and the promotional video was displayed to attendees. The event centered on farm robots and related autonomous equipment. The coordinator of the project, Francisco Rovira Más, gave a short talk presenting the project, the last robot prototype, and the results of the most recent testing season.